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I hate to type long dissertations so I will make this brief. I love what we built, but after awhile it does become a chore and more complicated than first thought of. First off :

I made everything 12 volt with solar ( I had the panels and controller) 200 watts and 10 amp. I made the back longer for this purpose and to put canoe on top. With the ability to plug in to 110 only and run off 30 amp converter and recharge dual batteries (which I had) and run the 12 volt stuff off 110. I also put in USB plugs to charge things in the kitchen and interior. The TV is 32 inches and we have 4 speaker stereo that works off USB and 64 ,memory cards.

I used cabinet grade wood (13.00 more for 3/4 and maple) but not for exterior.

I got my metal from endura steel in NW Az. Very Cheap and very reasonable- they even delivered to my house. my cost was 384. for everything side panels and diamond plate cut and 5x 10 top sheet.

I got 80 percent of my parts from Amazon because I was remote and it just arrived at my house – the rest was from home depot and Lowes.  I did score some things from ebay such as windows-don’t recommend because shipping was ridicules. Plus that commercial door looks great but suck- it hurts getting in and out of -stupid design. Make your own door -plus 300 is a waste of money.Plans-don’t wasted your money-if you cant make an insulated box don’t do this,

Plumbing made simple – I got a 20 pump at amazon and a 60 bronze faucet that looked cool with a bar sink that was deep.I hooked up a outside RV park hookup and had the sink run out with hookups to a hose. I used 5.00 clear 3/8 tubing so I can make sure everything was running right.

I think I got it right blog me or comment me and I will answer.


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