ok to add some words of wisdom

Build a trailer for 2000 bucks Bullshit ! Maybe 4 and deluxe 5. I building deluxe model. In todays economy things are expensive. anything of quality for get it it. Get out the credit card. But here the thing when im done no payments. ITs Mine and will be for life. I will always have a backup home. And can travel on a whim.

I will get into different items as we go.

electrical- I made everything 12 volt. that way I can sit in a parking lot and be comfy or in the middle of the woods. I have 2 panels and a plug in 12 v converter to run stuff from AC. As well as an inverter for the reverse. Guess you can say I swing both ways. We are installing a new fangled Ac That is only 900 watts and below is the new genny we bought that is 2100 watts and very quiet -as quiet as Honda and has a DSC_0921

key start and remote start, 600$ and can run the whole unit, but I really don’t need it only for backup and can charge my batteries. I will carry 2 deep cycle batts in parallel. I also setup my plug to run off 110 not 220. I have 110 40 amp ,not that I will ever use it. But I designed it so I can plug in anywhere. my biggest hog is AC and Microwave. Even fridge is 12 volt. Tv is 10 watts. I even have plug in USB chargers in wall for charging phone-tables etc.

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