Why Spend Thousands-Build Your Own

I am an every day guy like most of you. I looked into trailers and found that with my Suzuki and my Nissen I could not haul very much. So I looked into MyPods, Little Buddies, Tag and other commercial trailers. Either they had too much or too little and Mostly TOO EXPENSIVE. 

I found some sites that were helpful. I found some sites confusing. So I decided to start this site to confuse you more – Na Just kidding. See there is no set plan in stone. You make it to your needs and wants. You have to ask yourself what do I need this trailer for , Am I going to fit in it and be comfortable. Will I feel like I’m In a rolling coffin  or can I stretch out. Most important is there room for love making in it ( hey I’m being candid here ). And will my car haul it- THE BIG QUESTION !

I had to do a lot of research and I hope to save you that time and grief by helping you with links and where to get what cheap. I am not selling anything here .Like you I have budgets and need to keep the cost down. I will give you costs throughout this site and give the best and easiest part names and where to get. I mostly use AMAZON because I am rural and I think of my parts in the AM an order them. I am terrible about going to Home Depot and Lowes and come out forgetting stuff.

You will need a cargo trailer – I will give you the best options in the blog Page and where to get. Tools -plans, videos and pictures will be offered here along with idea’s and new technology for your unit. And how to stop all your friends and family of driving you crazy on how you have to build it.

Some come join us here and register and be part of our big family and friends that all think alike, get tips on how to get things done , idea’s and fun sharing of your project and how it coming along.

walls up

walls up

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